Elektro Kroměříž a.s. has been involved in the implementation of constructions and reconstructions of sources in the field of nuclear, conventional and hydroelectric power plants for a long time. The company supplies switchboards for state and corporate energy operations, heating companies and for private investors in energy. In addition to standard cabinets, we also offer to the partners special types of switchboards with structural resistance for maximum requirements (effects of radiation, effects of seismic loads, effects of EMC, equipment coverage or fire spread restrictions). The range of cabinets, technical solutions of switchboards and instrumentation of equipment is offered in accordance with customer requirements. The quality of deliveries of materials and devices is regularly checked on the basis of set parameters. The main customers include the energy company ČEZ, which has included EKM among the approved suppliers, including selected equipment for nuclear energy, based on an audit of the management system. In the implementation process, systemic measures are applied in the legislative area, process organization, personnel work, management activities, testing program, record keeping and documentation archiving. Selected subcontractors of the company are obliged to follow the same system. Ensuring defined conditions is verified by inspections and audits of customers. The parameters for ensuring the qualification of supplies of selected electrical equipment are in accordance with the requirements of the contracting authority. The implementation of the order takes place according to the approved technical conditions of delivery and prepared quality plan. Guarantees of safety, reliability and service life of the equipment while ensuring the statistical values of the equipment are defined in the implementation system.