The switchboards are supplied according to parameters defined by the customer. The switchboards are installed in cabinets with a design solution according to the local applications of LV switchboards with a current up to 6,300A for short-circuit short-time current up to 100kA / 1s with a dynamic current up to 220kA. As part of the deliveries, we offer the installation of switchboards with the possibility of connection to the supply source and the installation of connecting bridges and cabling. Deliveries in these segments are characterized by the specificity of local conditions, design and construction solutions. Type switchboards qualified in authorized testing laboratories are available for the mentioned areas. The deliveries of the equipment are conceptually solved with regard to the connection conditions of the supply transformer with the possibility of connecting several sources, with the alternative of using connecting bridges and the design of the solution of reactive power compensation. Accompanying technical documentation is part of the delivery. The company Elektro Kroměříž a.s. offers modifications to equipment in switchboards and the possibility of overhauling existing switchboards.