We are member of the alliance of Czech suppliers for nuclear power plants.

Subsidiary Company.


Elektro Kroměříž a.s. realizes deliveries to areas with specific requirements for short-circuit resistance of circuits, verification of heating up to 4,000A, current load, seismic resistance and EMC resistance of equipment, ie parameters exceeding testing requirements according to ČSN EN 61 439. EKM has developed specific types of cabinets that apply according to the qualification requirements of the contracting authority.


We provide resistance verification in accredited testing laboratories:


  • Testing a.s. in Běchovice
  • Military Technical Institute of the Vyškov Ground Forces


The tests performed are performed for a specific type of product, the results are documented in protocols.

Test room for dynamic measurements at the Military Technical Institute in Vyškov.

EMC testing laboratory at the Military Technical Institute in Vyškov.