A specific segment is the production of single-purpose switchboards for machines and technological equipment, for separate workplaces or for incorporation into production line units. Customers are companies focused on automation applications in heavy and light industry, or food and raw material processing. Product reliability and testing are essential for acceptance and commissioning. The design of the technical and ergonomic solution is discussed with the customer. Monitoring of machine or production equipment processes, including communication with other workstations, is provided by operator touch panels / panel views. With the help of visualization it is possible to control individual phases of the machine process and to determine the exact display of the production phase. Thanks to the supplier's practice, experience and technical equipment, we offer individual solutions to customers regardless of the required applications. Since these switchboards are basically mostly human/machine interfaces, great emphasis is placed on compliance with standards for the production of switchboards for working machines according to ČSN EN 60 204-1 ed.2 and on ensuring all safety parameters. Special emphasis is also placed on the comfort and safety of the operator according to ČSN 33 2000-4-41 ed.2, ČSN EN 61 140 ed.2 and ČSN EN 50 110-1 ed.2